TMC personnel possess significant experience in both traditional marketing practices executed on behalf of national brand Fortune 500 clients, as well as hands-on sales and marketing management in the automotive aftermarket.

TMC places special emphasis on the public relations arena, the power of which is often overlooked in favor of flashier or more controllable advertising or promotions activities.  The advantages of an effective PR program include:

The editorial environment is particularly critical to the long term success of performance automotive products as the average automotive enthusiast develops a strong relationship with their favorite publications.  Car magazine  editors become an authoritative voice on automotive performance.  Having your products appear in the editorial pages of the magazines that your target audience reads creates an informal endorsement.  Having your products show up repeatedly can be your secret weapon in the war for product sales and market share.

TMC possesses an unparalleled track record of success securing editorial placement for our clients.  If you do business in the automotive arena, you’ve seen our work.